Andrea Jean Plamondon is a multifaceted artist, musician, and first time director, whose music video “Only Eden”, has won awards at film festivals internationally. An operatically trained vocalist in the Russian school, Plamondon was told early in her career that her voice would land leading roles in the Metropolitan Opera. She received early acceptance and a full scholarship to Mass College of Art, and holds a BA in Poetics from New College of California in San Francisco. Plamondon has fronted bands in various genres, including Celtic rock, Middle Eastern, Ladino, and pop rock. She has also played leading roles in several theatrical and operatic productions. One of the singers original collaborations "Dreams" was selected for National Indie Radios "Best songs of 2019" and Plamondon was selected for BWH Music Groups 2020 Women to Watch - "Best female Independent Artists". Albums by the singer include the 2008 "I Still Remember" (A Collection Of Songs From San Franciscos' Underground) and "Songs for Forever", released in 2022; featuring music by Ennio Morricone, Michal Lorenc, and three original songs co-written with Irish composer and orchestrator Connor Hutton, who has assisted Academy Award Winning directors, Ridley Scott, Peter Pau and others.

“Only Eden” is a song that is made upon the shoulders of duality, but if there’s one key element to take away from its roughly three-minute running time, it’s the boundless talent of its singer, whose voice is angelic in every way here.

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