Andrea Plamondons' journey took her through art school, the band scene, theatrical productions, seven cross country hitchhiking trips, and a BA in Poetics, until she found her calling in music.

Plamondon is a multi-genre artist at heart, from experimenting with pop, rock and psychedelic music while clubbing with bands to performing exotic middle eastern music during her operatic training. 

Her first foray into music film, "Only Eden’ placed as a Finalist in the Parai Musical International Awards 2022, was selected as a Finalist in the Art Film Awards, June 22 edition, received Honorable Mention from the Future Film Awards, June 22 edition, and was an Award Winner in the 1st Monthly Film Festival, July 22. 'Only Edens' title song is written beside Connor Hutton, who has assisted Academy Award winning directors Ridley Scott, Peter Pau and others.

The artists latest album 'Songs for Forever', charted at #4 in the Itunes Official Classical Album charts UK, July 2022.