"There’s just nothing quite like Andrea Plamondon going for the big hooks in this record, and whether she’s being delicate with her delivery or trying to grapple with something a little more intense and demanding on the part of a vocalist, she always has a certain swagger that you can’t teach nor practice into existence, no matter how dedicated a performer you are (or just want to be). We’re listening to an artist who has a lot of ability, and she’s organizing that ability before our very ears in a record like Songs for Forever." 

                                                                                                          - Hollywood Digest 


“Only Eden” is a song that is made upon the shoulders of duality, but if there’s one key element to take away from it's roughly three-minute running time, it’s the boundless talent of its singer, whose voice is angelic in every way here."          



         December 16th 2021: Only Eden premiered on London based Music-News.com 

        Only Eden directed by Andrea J Plamondon, title song written by Connor Hutton & Andrea J Plamondon


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