October 7th 2022: "Only Eden" won Best Music Video in the Laurel International Film Festival.



October 6th 2022:  "Only Eden" won Best Music Video in the New York Movie Awards



August 10th July 2022: Only Eden won Best Music Video In the "Cine Paris Film Festival" July 22



August 4th: Only Eden was selected by the Parai Musical International Awards for Best Art Music Video.




July 23rd: 'Songs For Forever' charted at #4 on the Itunes Classical Charts UK.



July 19th: Just received an insightful review of 'Songs for Forever' from the 'Hollywood Digest'




July 11th 2022     

 Finalist, Art Film Awards, June edition 22 .

July 10th 2022 

Honorable Mention, Future of Film Awards, June edition, 22


January 28th 2022

“Only Eden” is a song that is made upon the shoulders of duality, but if there’s one key element to take away from its roughly three-minute running time, it’s the boundless talent of its singer, whose voice is angelic in every way here.




January 21st, 2022:   A new and wonderful review for the 'Only Eden' video!




January 12th 2022:  'Only Eden' is included on the following curated Youtube playlists.



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