February 20th 2023 


"Only Eden" won Best Video in The American Filmatic Arts Awards, Brooklyn, New York.




October 7th 2022 


"Only Eden" won Best Music Video in the Laurel International Film Festival.




October 6th 2022 


"Only Eden" won Best Music Video in the New York Movie Awards.




August 4th 2022 


“Only Eden” won Best Art Music Video in The Parai Musical International Awards.




July 23rd 2022 


"Songs For Forever" charted at #4 on the Itunes Classical Charts UK.




July 19th 2021


 Just received an insightful review of “Songs for Forever” from the 'Hollywood Digest.





July 11th 2022     


 Finalist, Art Film Awards, June edition 22 .




July 10th 2022 


Honorable Mention, Future of Film Awards, June edition, 22




January 28th 2022


Music Existence Review

“Only Eden” is a song that is made upon the shoulders of duality, but if there’s one key element to take away from its roughly three-minute running time, it’s the boundless talent of its singer, whose voice is angelic in every way here.