La Musique

Lady Of The Leaves

Andrea Plamondon (2015)

"Lady Of The Leaves" is a trilogy of sacred and popular arias, performed by classically trained Soprano Andrea Plamondon, with original arrangements by TV and film composer Charlie Barnett; recorded and produced at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles.

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Safffras' (trilogy)

Andrea Plamondon and Terbleos (2013)

A Blend of African Hip-Hop and dreamy operatic vocals...

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I Still Remember( A Collection of Songs From San Francisco's Underground)

Andrea Plamondon and Various Artists 2008

"This release blends musical styles like, opera, experimental, new age, and even some progressive rock to create some very unique music." (currently unavailable)

track 1.) I Still Remember, track 2.) No More Silence, track 3.) Hope Springs Eternal, track 4.) Five Year Old Sages, track 5.) Little Boy Lost, track 6.) Invisible Animals, track 7.) Desert March, track 8.) Devil Of Darkness, track 9.) Gypsy Moon, track 10.) Chosen Secrets, track 11.) Sweet Song, track 12.) Chant Of The Flower, track 13.) The Great Doubt, track 14.) Dream

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